NERD: Naughty Erotic Romance Doms Box Set

by Katie Douglas

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Eight hot doms bring the action in this geeky extravaganza of intelligent, Machiavellian and highly-skilled men who aren't afraid to take control.
In this collection of short stories, we explore the N.E.R.D. in all the usual settings you'd find one. From comic-cons to classrooms, to even alien spaceships, we bring you the N.E.R.D. in his full glory. The action is hot, the situations charming, and the men -- they are total N.E.R.D.s.
Bring a sense of humor, a bacon sandwich and a fan because it's going to get hot in here!
Featuring: Golden Angel, Felicity Brandon, Jack Crosby, Katie Douglas, Rue Raven, Sassa Daniels and Morganna Williams.