BattleCat Vs. The Succubus

by Jack Bixby

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Years ago a battle-scarred tabby lost the only family he ever knew to a white-furred demon. All seemed hopeless until a chance meeting with a priest gave him a chance for vengeance and a new purpose in life as Brother Cat - a sword-wielding, demon-slaying, fur-covered ball of justice.

But after the priest who gave him a reason to live passes away, Brother Cat will have to train a new partner.

Father Carson is a young priest whose new assignment tending to the flock of St. Francis in New York City is the opportunity of a lifetime. To him, evil is an abstract concept and demons a distant threat best left in the the pages of scripture.

Little does he know, he's now the first and last line of defense in the Church's war against evil.

Can Brother Cat keep Father Carson alive long enough for the young man to catch up? Or will the war with New York's demons, monsters, and ghouls claim another idealistic young victim?