Lady Mary and Lord Raynott

by Regina Lambear

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After Lord Raynott's servants die from a mysterious illness, Lord Callahan invites him to live at his manor in South London. He expresses interest in Lord Callahan's daughter, Lady Mary, and in time, she begins falling for him as well.

But after discovering a dark secret about Lord Raynott, Lady Mary realizes that her favorite story that her father told her from the time she was a little girl is really about him. In order to save the estate, there are a series of events that must be carried out according to her father's long-held plan.

But as Lady Mary and Lord Raynott fall into the roles they have decided to play, the love and the lust between them begins to complicate their aims. Only fate will decide whether Lord Raynott will kill Lady Mary or protect her.

And Lady Mary wonders whether she can find it in herself to kill the only man that ever made her feel loved – before it's all too late ...

This story contains romance for women with explicit sex, swearing, vampires, a Victorian setting, and other mature situations. HEA / HFN ending guaranteed.