Theatre of Death: A Dystopian Science Fiction Short Story

by Craig Lea Gordon

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Dystopian Short Story where Logan's Run meets The Matrix
Faith. Hate. Love. Loss... Will it be enough to save him from death?

It is Kel Darnon's 20th birthday and he has been called for Judgement in the Theatre of Death. There he must give the performance of his life, the performance he has been practising and perfecting since he was born. Because in the future, the machines have won. We are their slaves. And we only have one thing they are interested in. Our ability to create.

The Master Algorithms have the power to grant his freedom, but they must be satisfied by his performance. Sara, his forbidden love, has already sat upon the Chair of Judgement and the AI's let her go.
Can Kel channel his emotions and desires into his performance?
Will his faith that he and Sarah will be free to choose their own destiny save him?
Can he use his hate for the machines to his advantage?
Can their forbidden love reunite them?
And can he make the machines understand losing her?

Will it be enough to save him from death? Or will the Theatre of Death claim another token for the Chair of Judgement?

Theatre of Death is a Dystopian Science Fiction short story about a world where we are enslaved by Artificial Intelligence, and our freedom is dictated by the will of the machines.