Alpha Ranch: Master of Sex

by Nina Rains

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"Finding a man to give me what I want, is like finding rain in the desert." Mica wasn't going to settle for omegas and betas anymore. She needed an alpha male pronto.

"This woman is trouble with a capital T." DK knew that Mica was going to turn King Ranch into a mess.

"I'll f--k her 'till she's mine." Bobby wanted Mica for himself.

"First come, isn't last served. I'll have her for myself soon enough." June was determined to have Mica too.

What happens when Mica gets tangled up with the Kings in their own ranch, in the middle of hot and sexy Argentina? Are the Kings going to fall for her, or are they the alphas that she's been looking for?

Who would be the master of sex among the brothers? Mica was willing to find her sexy stud and book his dick for life.