Knocked Up By The Office Alpha: A Secret Baby Billionaire Romance

by Nina Rains

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An office Alpha wants a baby – but no marriage!

Trace Desvilles spots innocent Seraphine Jones and wishes she’d be the mother of his heir. He’d be her baby-daddy and he’d reward her handsomely. He’s a billionaire after all.

Seraphina agrees to the office Alphas proposition but on two conditions: they only do it in the office and no one else should know.

Things get a little too complicated because – well, office romances usually do. The secret gets harder and harder to hide – and so do their feelings for each other! What happens when an alpha gets the urge to be a baby-daddy?

Warning: This is a full length, standalone romance novella with lots of steam. It is filled with hot, intimate scenes from the start to the end with a hint of comical romance. As always, it has a happily ever after.