Dragon Guardian: Fire

by Aida Jacobs

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Primordya was once a world of peace where man, dwarf and elf lived in harmony while aligning themselves against their common enemy--the dark elves.

But such a balance could not last forever.

Having enslaved the dwarves, the dark elves--led by their queen, Nahga--have now turned their ambitious gaze to the surface world. The realm of man was the first to fall, and the realm of the elves hangs on by a mere thread.

Unwillingly thrust into a war that was centuries in the making, Princess Marin Draconya must brave her way through the wilds after her parents and sister are viciously murdered by Nahga. Taken under the wing of the powerful mage, Nicodemus, Marin learns not only to master the raw magic coursing through her veins, but also of her true destiny as a Dragon Guardian--a rare and powerful mage with the ability to command all dragons.

In order to achieve this destiny, Marin must journey to the shrines of the four Elemental Dragons and prove to them that she is indeed worthy of her birthright. Only then will she be able to unite the people of Primordya under a unified banner and defeat Nahga and her massive army.