Eclipsed: Hangman's Haunt Book 3

by Kay Elle Parker

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She's a visionary.
He's the big, bad wolf with a debt to collect.
Hangman's Haunt is no stranger to trouble of late - the shifter war is escalating and the casualties are mounting. When the Alpha of the North Dakota pack of werewolves arrives to claim recompense for the death of two of his warriors, he wants the ones responsible.
Shaken by a silent encounter with a werewolf in the middle of a snow-struck Main Street, Brenna knows the shifter clan is at risk yet again. She can't see Romulus, the ridiculously tall and primal Alpha, in her visions. Little does she know, his thirst for vengeance is no match for his desire for a mate, and she's fallen directly into the cross-hairs of his animalistic lust.
But Romulus isn't the only force of nature bearing down on the Haunt - Shax has stepped up his war tactics and there's going to be hell to pay.
In the battle of wills, who's going to win?