Lost and Found

by Taylor Holloway

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After a profanity laced rant on live television I thought my career was over. Luckily, I've found just the woman who can help me get back on top.

Casey’s smart and sexy, and although she doesn’t like me much, she accepted the job I offered her and I’m prepared to do anything to keep her by my side.

As my plan begins to unravel along with the elaborate lies I’ve told Casey, the danger around us is growing. We’re way out of our comfort zones, thousands of miles from home, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. Being a fabulously wealthy celebrity chef doesn’t mean much when you’re running for your life.

Danger is everywhere and Casey’s got a secret of her own.
But my adversaries are not only after me. They're after Casey.
I won't allow anyone to hurt her, or the secret she’s carrying.

With Casey’s help, maybe I can still see this through. But we’re going to have to go seriously off-script.