The Billionaire's Secret Baby (Part Two)

by Paige North

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Jet Bishop is hot as sin, but he destroys everything he touches…

When billionaire corporate raider Jet Bishop walks into my building, people freak out.

Everyone knows that when “The Angel of Death” takes over your company, your job is as good as dead.

But I’m terrified for an entirely different reason.

Because Jet Bishop isn’t just my cruel and heartless new CEO. He also happens to be the father of my child, and he doesn’t even know it.

Our one night stand took place years ago, and I’m certain he doesn’t remember me, or the night that rocked my world in so many ways.

Now I have a beautiful little girl to protect.

A job that I desperately need.

A terrible man that I need to stay far away from, only now he is so close.

And every hour he gets closer.

Because Jet has his sights set on me again. He might not remember me, or maybe he does. What I do know is that the moment he touches me again, I will be his. I’ll melt for him like I did that one night, and he will do whatever he wants to me.

Until everything I’ve ever loved is shattered in pieces around me…