N.E.R.D. Anthology

by Golden Angel

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**Warning the book you are about to read contains N.E.R.D.'s putting their comics and video games aside to show you just how commanding, hot, and sensual they can be. Reader discretion is advised.

The N.E.R.D. - we've all seen them, the goofy guy with his head stuck in a comic book, maybe dressed up as some character no one's ever heard of, or even sitting in the front row of class taking so many notes. As you've watched him, have you ever wondered what's underneath all of that?

Let me tell you; it's a wild dominant animal looking to tame you and make you his.

In this collection of short stories, we explore the N.E.R.D. in all the usual settings you'd find one. From comic cons, to classrooms, to even an alien spaceship(?!), we bring you the N.E.R.D. in his full glory. The action is hot, the situations charming, and the man - they are total N.E.R.D.'s.