Cold Hearts (Heartbreaker Prequel)

by Stella Hart

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Get a sneak peek into the Heartbreaker dark romance series before it officially begins!


The world is a dark place filled with even darker monsters. Most of them hide in plain sight, walking around right under your nose. I’m one of them.
By day I’m calm, friendly, approachable. By night I lurk in the shadows, ripping, tearing, killing… and watching.
Always watching.
Celeste Riley is my latest obsession. She’s sweet, innocent, pure. Perfect. So close, and so hard to resist.
I’m right by her side at all times, and she has absolutely no idea. She doesn’t even know that she already knows me, from many, many years ago.
For now, she’s safe from the monster, but one day, she’ll start to remember what she saw...
When that day comes, I’ll have to steal her away from everything she knows.
I’ll have to make her mine.
All mine.