Hacker Revelation

by Linzi Baxter

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Romance never dies...

Kat and Antonio Ross seemed to have their whole lives ahead of them. Six years ago, they married each other. But the next day turned to tragedy when Kat and Antonio were led to believe the other died in a violent shootout. Since then, they’ve led separate lives. Kat began working for her uncle, the CIA Director, as an assassin. Antonio, an ex-Navy Seal, started a well-respected mercenary company.

But when Antonio finds out Kat is alive, he brings her back home. He wants her to quit the CIA for the sake of their child. Kat agrees and starts working at a woman’s shelter, where an abused woman seeks her help. Kat’s instincts kick in, and she’s back to making enemies again. And when the woman’s husband comes after her, it’s just the beginning of this heart-pounding thrill ride.

Hacker Revelation is a fast-paced and sexy novel full of romantic suspense. Kat and Antonio have the chance to live the quiet life. But life’s never been quiet for these two. And when the chips are down and their whole lives are at stake, nothing’s ever going to stop them. Because love is in the air… and so are the bullets.