Ending The Curse: A Charming Adult Fairy Tale

by Candice Gilmer

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Will this shy Charming Noble find a way to end his curses--the one on his person, and the one burning in his heart.

The Charming Fairy Tales, Book 3

Charming Noble, Marquis Bryan von Auerbach has upset a witch.

While rescuing his friends from Vevika Gothel he burned the witch's most prized possession.

Unfortunately, a witch's retribution can be so fierce and powerful that not even death can end it.

Now Bryan finds his only ally to be his best friend's sister, Enrika "Kiki" von Hohburg. Kiki was the only witness during the disaster, and his only hope of salvation. She must take him on an adventure all across the White Mountains, in hopes to stop Gothel's final revenge against Bryan and the Charming Nobles.

Together, they must find a way to end the curse. However, every moment he spends with Kiki begins to mean dangerously more than it should.

Kiki cannot live knowing the man she adores may never see another sunrise, if she doesn't do everything she can to save him.
After all, Bryan has saved her life more than even she can count. Time to return the favor.

But will this Charming Noble let her save him from his greatest enemy--himself?