Win a Date with Pryce Monroe: Book One

by Karly Morgan

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An unwitting contestant on a reality show? What could go wrong?

Sexy, hot billionaire and Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, Pryce Monroe, is the prize in America’s newest reality TV show and somehow, I, Cheyleigh Stewart, was chosen to be one of twelve women to move into a house reminiscent of another popular reality show with competitions I doubt I can win anyway and some type of dating scenario I’m scared to imagine to compete to win the date with him. Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t even begin to describe the hot-as-hell playboy. Out of this man’s league, I never would’ve attempted to be cast on this show. So, how was I? My “well-intentioned” sister stabbed me in the back, that’s how. Now, I either sink or swim.

Fully intending to throw the first competition so I can go back to my comfortable lifestyle, I’m not prepared for the sparks that fly as soon as my eyes meet his, sending me into a tailspin. Suddenly, I’m finding strength I didn’t know I possessed, overcoming fears I’d never realized I had, and fighting for a love that I’d always sworn I was happy without.

What the hell did Hollywood’s top alpha dog do to me with just a look? And will I even like myself when all of this is over?