Waco, Texas. Diana Revers had it all. She was happy and loved, secure in the brilliant future that was awaiting her and her boyfriend. But when one fatal decision changes her life forever, Diana must reinvent not only her life, but her whole self.
Her new life pales in comparison with the big goals she thought she could achieve before the incident, but she loves the long runs she takes every day and had discovered to have a talent for baking. She is content even if she doesn't believe she will ever feel that same all-consuming passion for another man again--until she encounters a familiar face at the university she is attending.
Sean McGuire is an assistant teacher and a good man. To take care of his little brother after their parent's death, he had to abandon the dream of fullfilling his grandparents’s legacy, but he still has found a way to honor their memory and their role in the editorial world and is happy with his life. Only when he encounters Diana's big gray eyes he realizes that something was still missing.
Sean is ready to take the risk of falling in love like never before. But Diana is afraid that her past will never let her go. Is the cage that holds her heart something she should open or something that should stay close for her safety and that of everyone around her? Because someone is targeting Diana and is set to make her pay. For everything.

(this novel was previously published with the title "Dreamwalker")