Stepbrother Underground

by Jamie Fuchs

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Years ago, my stepbrother, Josh, up and left me. At first I was relieved. And then I hated him for it. And now? Now I might just be in love with him…

I thought I was over Josh bailing on me as a kid. But when my best friend, Mary, took me to an underground fighting ring, I had to face my feelings all over again.

Watching Josh take a hit made me want to take a few swings at him myself. And yet at the same time, I wanted to protect him. I wanted to comfort him. And I wanted him to do the same for me.

After a drunken tryst with this tattooed alpha, I realized we were going to have to protect each other. From our family. My friends. From the world.

Could I trust my stepbrother to do that for me, after leaving me behind the way he did? Or is there more to the story than I’d ever imagined? Can I really let myself fall into his strong embrace?

Can I let myself fall in love?