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About the author

I am fascinated by the impossibilities facing humanity. Too many “can’t happens” lurk in the future for our outcome to be pleasant. Our planet is already being ruined, yet “middle class affluence” has reached hardly more than one tenth of the global population. Does anyone believe the planet can support ten times more affluence? I detect no hesitation in the assertion of consensus economics that we are on the one true path. Presumably there are those who think the planet can support ten times more affluence, unless they just don’t think.

As the old adage goes, if something cannot go on, then it will eventually stop.

In my fiction, I explore the possible “stops”, and what comes after.

I was born in Toronto, Canada, although at an early age the family moved to Glasgow, UK, where I grew up. I studied aeronautical engineering at university and, after several (rather unrewarding) years working for British companies, became a Chartered Engineer. An MBA from business schools in London and New York enabled me to escape being an engineer in Mrs Thatcher’s Britain.

I have worked in various parts of the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden and the US. For a while I carried out research into better turbochargers and turbine blades, later I designed whole industrial plants full of large amounts of alarmingly explosive gases. I also had my “seriously ambitious young man” phase when I strove for rank in a global manufacturing company. Ah, the joys of corporate politics… Not to worry, I soon came back to my senses. At the moment, I live in Edinburgh, back home in the UK.