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About the author

I write about history. Before you groan, consider that history is more than names, dates, and events. It is essentially a story about people. My sub-genre is historical fiction. The names, dates, and events are mostly real. The characters are both real and fictional, but the fictional characters are consistent with the historical period. For me that is the heart of good historical fiction. To that end I have dedicated my work to portraying the story of the American West in the 19th century.
I am the author of The Missourian Series which features the life and times of Hardin Williams. As a new recruit in Colonel William S. Harney's 2nd Dragoons, the first book in the series is Cerro Gordo which follows Williams through the Mexican-American War. The second book in the series, Eagle Pass, takes Williams and many of the characters from Cerro Gordo on an adventure from central Mexico to the wild and wooly borderlands of Texas and the Rio Grande valley. Eagle Pass is available on Amazon now.
I was born and raised on the prairies of South Dakota but now reside in Yuma, Arizona. I decided to trade my snow shovel and thermotec long johns for the desert. In July and August, I am not so sure that was the right choice. Fall eventually gets here by November. Of course, there is never the perfect situation. I am an old folksinger who once thought he would be the next Bob Dylan (didn't work out); owned a hotel in Telluride, Colorado before it became a ski area; am taking lessons in Spanish to be able to show respect for the Mexican culture here on the border; and I have been to the prison where Russel Crowe was bound in the movie "3:10 to Yuma." Not a nice place. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on my books. Tiene un buen dia!