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About the author

Thomas A. Fowler is the Author of Nerdy Things, which is mostly sci-fi. An award-winning author, he's self-published three anthologies, two are a speculative fiction take on Choose Your Own Adventure called Crash Philosophy, another helps with positive body image and eating disorder awareness called Shatter Your Image. His stories have been published in other anthologies from RuneWright Publishing, Shiny Garden, and Write Illusion.

On the non-fiction side, he helps authors market themselves, having taken his MBA and decade of production and ad agency experience to create The Writer's Conquest: Establish a Brand. He and co-author Melissa Koons won the Living Now Book Award in 2018 for Porcelain Prompts, a series of writing prompt books centered around various themes.

His debut novel, The Thales, arrives in November of 2019 from Nerdy Things Publishing. It's the story of a crew struggling for survival in a renewable energy station at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. If they can harness the ocean, they could power the world. It is the first installment of the Rising Current Trilogy, the second and third books are planned for release in 2020.

With every page, he loves to entertain readers and leave them with hope that we can fight for what's good in this world and think about the challenges we face, all through fantastic, futuristic worlds and relatable characters.