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About the author

In the fourth grade, I was voted most likely to become an author. I can’t really remember the circumstances or the works I composed to make the other students say that, but I remember being completely overjoyed. High School English sadly succeeded in killing any interest in writing or reading that I could have had left remaining from that time. It wasn’t until a guest professor teaching my English IA class in community college taught me that writing could be interesting again. The prompts I received that semester allowed me to foster an appreciation for writing that had life, and not just existed to process and regurgitate rhetoric.

It wasn’t until after college, working graveyard shifts at a gas station, that I had enough time to think about putting an entire work together. Those ideas eventually turned into what would become “Mother of Mars.” I now dedicate more of my free time than ever into writing stories for people to enjoy.

I write a blog for some of my stories named "Fifty Shades of Grease," created during my time working in a deli. Additionally, I vlog on a YouTube channel by the same name, recording bits and pieces of my exceptionally average life.