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About the author

Marcella Palmer is an ex-Hypertension patient and an advocator of natural healing. She was diagnosed back in 2017 March but refused to fall victim to Hypertension, commonly known as the "silent killer" in the medical world. However, from her regular visits to her doctor's, Marcella has learned a wealth of knowledge from health experts and incorporated them in her personal healing journey.

She is the living example of someone who has successfully reversed Hypertension through proper nutrition.

After her success, what started out as "passion advice" to her friends and family gradually extended to her community at large.

In fact, Marcella is also a grassroots member of the San Francisco Health Committee(SFHC) and represents Hypertension on the Committee. She is an avid researcher of diets and diseases but always corroborates her findings with her doctor and dietician before reporting them in the SFHC's monthly meetings.

"If I can help 1 person safely lower their blood pressure, then I did something in my lifetime."
- Marcella Palmer

Today, Marcella's mission is to expose this "silent killer" and reveal the secrets to overcome it in a pain-free and natural way.