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About the author

just Deirdre was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and grew up in Kansas City. Since then, she moved around until finally settling in Alabama. She has been in a long-distance relationship with her significant other for 20 years. Deirdre has three adult children, four grandchildren, and one grand dog who all live in Georgia.
Class of 1981 graduate from FL Schlagle High, Deirdre was a single parent and worked hard to provide for her family. At the age of 40, she attended Strayer University, where she obtained a master’s degree in business administration. Deirdre is a government employee by day, but in her spare time, her creative writing alter ego, Petite Breaux, takes center stage.
Since then, and under that pseudonym Petite Breaux, Deirdre has written a memoir Slightly Bruised and a Little Broken, a short story The Whispering of My Heart and a children’s book Fun with Grandma. She has recently released several short stories, a suspense novel and currently working on her final novel The Journal, Nancy Bremen Story, to be released late 2019 under the name just Deirdre.
When she gets the time and has the inclination, Deirdre enjoys exercising at her local gym. She loves watching TV and movies and goes to the theater when there is something that grabs her attention. She also reads daily and is learning the guide of meditation to rejuvenate the soul.
Deirdre also enjoys getting away from it all on vacation, with cruising as her favorite pastime. She has plans to live her best life to the max and has done some of the things that scare her like ziplining and parasailing. She also plans to do a skydive one day.
In the future, Deirdre wants to spend time with her family, travel, and author books that will entertain across generations.