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About the author

I wrote my first book(let) when my parents went out to eat without me, when I was five or six. It was called, "You're yucky in some ways", a sing-songy book that made my parents laugh so hard that they kept it for me.
In my teens, I wrote poetry (some of which I had published in school newspapers), series of short, humorous books about animals, and a few stories that I'm not sure anyone but me ever read.

At 16, after going to 12 different schools (army brat), I graduated early and moved to Israel on my own.

My career has been writing user guides for hi-tech companies, editing, rewriting, and translating journal articles (particularly medical) and user experience design.

In August 2018, my husband and I relocated with our three children to Thaur, Tirol, Austria. The similarities between my imagined and actual experiences in relocation gave me the final push to go ahead and publish Orange Sparkles.