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About the author

Jessica Evergreen is an Australian author, teacher, and Director of Evergreen Tutoring Services. She is also known by the pen name J.D. Evergreen which she uses to write her fantasy and Sci-fi books. Why did she create another pen name? Well she created just for her non-fiction books, as the serious matter she wished to discuss is important for all of us and as such required her formal name.
Jessica identifies as Aboriginal, and her family ties and cultural history have given her a deep connection with the environment and the wildlife around her. Like many of us, she has grown up in a changing world. She has seen, studied and admired the way us as humans have overcome unbelievable adversity and moved the world in a better direction.
Like the rest of the world, Jessica has noticed the environment is changing, and not for the better. She also realised man people had a strong desire to help prevent this change but didn’t know how, or believed there is nothing they could do that would change the direction the world is heading in.
So she created her novel, ‘Our world is in your hands.’ This book teaches the reader about the small ways individuals can become sustainable without spending thousands of dollars on things like water tanks and solar panels. While those things are excellent ways to help, they are just not financial options for some of us.
Her novel, not only teaches the reader about sustainability but also how to use that sustainability to save thousands of dollars every year.