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About the author

“I wrote A Foreign Affair, inspired by something that happened to my sister, in real life. Of course, it’s a Regency Romance, and so I had to adjust the facts of the story in order to suit the genre. The original heroine - my sister - was from Canada, and fell in love with a man from Tunisia while working at the Lake Geneva Hotel. And it happened in the 1970s. I adjusted some of the details - Tunisia became Italy, Canada became England and voila! The story really came together. I haven’t told my sister about this, because the experience was very painful for her at first, but I imagine she will be able to relate to it. Don’t worry: I will send her a hard copy when it comes out. They tell me A Foreign Affair will be out in paperback and Kindle, so I am looking forward to seeing what you think. The story is extraordinary, even for me, because it’s sort of based on a true story. I hope that gives you food for thought. I’m really looking forward to bringing it out!!”