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About the author

Between the ages of three and seven, David Gulbraa was a high wire aerialist and trapeze artist for the infamous hillbilly circus, The Flying Varmints. After sustaining a serious back injury being shot out of a cannon, Gulbraa became the unofficial lab mascot of scientists at Bell Labs, where he was involved in the development and testing of the nuclear toilet. Sent back in time in a secret time machine developed at Bell Labs, Gulbraa became a close personal friend of the legendary American writer Edwin Mullhouse and delivered the eulogy at Mullhouse's funeral in 1954, six years before he, Gulbraa, was born, confusing historians and biographers ever since. In the mid-1980s, after being involved in a controversial roadhouse brawl with Kilgore Trout and Cordwainer Bird during which he knocked out both writers using moves learned from Ernest Hemingway, Gulbraa retired to a castle in the Scottish Highlands where he earned his living for many years painting duck decoys. Also, he's been known to write fiction.