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About the author

Born and raised in London, C.C. Castell developed a passion for reading by way of regular library trips with her mother. That love of the written word led her to obtain a degree in Theatre Studies (International), which, in turn, fuelled her unwavering addiction to words.

Her writing style is much like her - eclectic. With varied interests that span the spectrum of disciplines from holistic beauty therapy, crystals, universal laws, time travel and all things ancient, her knowledge and experiences are profusely imbued into her novels.

As she spins each new tale, she aims to take her readers onto a virtual fairground ride, with highs and lows that stimulate the most intimate places within their five senses.

Feel free to join her jaw-dropping jaunts to other dimensions and explore the worlds created by C.C. Castell - The Ancient Author with a Futuristic Mind.