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About the author

Born, raised and proudly living in Ontario, Canada. He has successfully published several short stories on Amazon and currently in production of a variety of full books based on some of those starter short stories. The passion for writing began fairly late in life, his younger years were more focused on creating a comic book career. Having some set backs and life changes, he decided to concentrate on the writing more and less on the art. His fan fictions became well received and launched him into original titles of his own. The collective book, Distant Saga Trilogy: A Short Story Collection, was his first leap into the publishing world. Then he created other titles - Outer Red, The Mysterious World Of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow, Your Service Is Required (still in production) and Hard World (Still In Production).

"There is no greater challenge than creating a story from scratch. A hard thing to do when basically everything has been pretty much created by now. But, that is the challenge isn't it?"