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About the author

A little about yours truly...
I like long walks on the beach, campfires, unicorns, and liquor.
Awe fuck… who am I kidding, I just like unicorns and liquor.
Raised in the south I grew up on sweet tea and southern hospitality… BUT having a mother from the north, I inherited the gift of sarcasm and an affinity for the word fuck. I am married with 3 kids -- one of them I have to share with her actual mom. I have three dogs and a house that never sleeps (not really, it just feels that way).

I started publishing my work in 2017 after my husband told me I should take a chance on myself. Writing all things romance, you’re sure to find something you like. I write magic, fantasy, law enforcement, military, mafia, paranormal -- well, the list goes on. I don't believe in boxing myself into one trope or genre. I write what my heart leads me to do. My stories aren’t erotica… but they pack one hell of a punch. I often refer to them as SPICY Romance novellas.
I love hearing from my fans, so be sure to follow me on social media. Check me out at for more information and upcoming releases!