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“Poor little sprite,” Rob said, holding him tight. “I went too soon for you.” He paused and kissed his forehead. “I was thinking. I know you like being held down. Have you — have you ever been tied up?”
Bastian had been waiting forever for him to offer. He hadn’t wanted to ask.
“Can I tie your hands, sprite?” Rob asked. He sounded tentative. “Just so I have an extra hand to use?”
Bastian blinked up at him. “Will you do it tight, Daddy?”
Rob smiled a little. “I’ll do it as tight as you want, sprite. Where do you keep your ties and which one do you hate the most?”
“Rolled up in the clear box on top of the closet, and an extra school tie, please, Daddy.”
Rob rolled his eyes, but did what Bastian told him. He held Bastian’s wrists above his head and quickly tied an expert, tight knot with a long tail. “This is quick-release,” he said. “If I yank the end, it’ll come right off. So if you panic, I can get you right out of it. Okay, baby?”
The tie felt so good. Bastian closed his eyes. “Do my ankles,” he said.
“You’ve never done this.” He heard worry in Rob’s voice. “Are you —”
“Daddy, please do my ankles too.”
“Which tie, baby?”
“The other extra school tie.”
This time he huffed. Bastian didn’t open his eyes to see if Rob used the right one. It felt too good. He didn’t want to move, ever. He knew his cock stood straight up; he felt so relaxed but desperately, hopelessly turned on. Rob stroked his cheek. “Are you okay, sprite?”
“Uh-huh,” Bastian said. He didn’t want to talk.
Rob laughed a little. “You’re just in another plane of existence, aren’t you?”
Bastian felt Rob lie down next to him and run his hand over his body, from his neck to his hip. Bastian shivered. “Do you know,” he said, “how patently ridiculous it is for you to feel at all insecure about the way you look? My god. You’re beautiful.”
Bastian opened his eyes a little and blinked. He felt almost sleepy. “Daddy, you should kiss me now,” he said.
He laid partly on top of Bastian and found his lips. Rob had given Bastian a pillow and he was glad for it; it felt good under his head as he turned lazily and kissed him. Rob almost never kissed him hard, which Bastian liked; he loved being held down and restrained but he didn’t like being mawled. He liked his daddy’s gentle lips, his easy kisses that played with his lips, that nipped gently then sucked the bitten places. They made Bastian squirm with pleasure. He wanted to use his hands a bit, but he felt so calm and relaxed, so peaceful and quiet, that it didn’t matter really. Rob’s hands skated all over his body. He touched Bastian in ways he never had; Bastian was usually curled under him or held tightly against him. He pinched Bastian’s nipples; Bastian made a soft sound, so he sucked on them, which felt even better.
“Did you like that, sprite?” Rob asked. “Tell me.”
“Uh-huh, Daddy. That felt so good. It feels so good to be tied up like this and my cock’s so hard but it’s nice.”
“Is it?”
“Do you want me to play with it?” Rob — Daddy, Bastian couldn’t call him anything but Daddy then — “Do you want me to play with that hard cock?”
“Please, Daddy?”
Gentle, gentle slicked fingers teased over his head. Bastian almost jumped, it was so much. “It’s just so tempting, sprite,” Daddy said. “I know it’s so sensitive but it’s such a gorgeous pink, I want to touch it so much.” Daddy slicked his whole cock, every single part, careful and gentle on his head, then began slowly jerking him, just a gentle bit of pressure. Bastian settled into the bed. It was almost hypnotic, being tied, being jerked, but not hard. But when Daddy began to cup and stroke his balls, Bastian suddenly needed more, and needed it powerfully. “You want it, baby?” Daddy asked. He sounded amused.
“Uh-huh, please Daddy. Do it harder so I come.”
“You like it this way, right?” Daddy knew exactly how he wanted it. He moved his hand up a little bit and jerked Bastian harder and faster, his foreskin sliding quickly over his head again and again, sometimes all the way up, sometimes less. Bastian bucked his hips up to it and twisted them. He wanted it so bad, then he stood on the edge. “C’mon, sweet baby,” Daddy said. He stroked Bastian’s balls, cupping them and tugging very, very gently. “Come for me. I wanna see all that sticky come.”
Bastian lost it then, coming in hard spurts that left him arching his back and moaning as Daddy milked it out of him and sweet-talked: “That’s it, sprite. You need to come so bad. I wanna see all of it, baby. Look at all that come, what a good boy to come so much. You know how much I love to see you come. You’re going to make me hard again seeing that, honey. Such a good boy for me. There you go, Bastian.” Bastian felt gentle lips kiss the tip of his cock, a tongue taste him, and he shivered with pleasure as Daddy caught the last few drops. He didn’t open his eyes until Daddy untied him, and he got up on unsteady legs to go clean up. When he was finished, he collapsed into bed.