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About the author

I’ve read romance novels for years, and always felt they were perfect… if you’re a woman. My goal was to write something that gave the same sense of belonging to men that women get from romance novels. Don’t get me wrong; I’m mad about women. But I’m a good friend and sort of a pupil of Laura Havemeyers. She even gave me some help in getting the woman’s voice just right – but I am a man, and I think like a man, and so my new book, Hot Coffee and Tropical Desires, is erotic in a way men can relate to. So, as Laura told me, if you love her books, your partner, your male friend will love my books. She told me that some of the things my protagonist thinks are the sorts of things no woman wants to know about her partner. But they are the kinds of things men think, and so I wrote it that way. For men. But also for women who like erotica. I’ve been interested in the writing of Anais Nin for a long time and I always wondered how any woman could relate to that! I hope you like my little crazy book.