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About the author

Tenika Marsha Tartt Zeigler was born in Alabama to Tommiecean Mahone and Karl Tartt on August 21st, 1986. Tenika grew up in the household with her mother, sister named Takasha and brother named Brandon. Tenika has openly stated that she was an unruly teen which caused her to fall into troublesome situations as an adolescent. Tenika was a teen mom, giving birth to her daughter Takeira at the age of 16. However with the help of her family, Tenika was able to finish school and went on to join the military. After returning from the military and attending college, Tenika rededicated her life to God. At this point, Tenika met her husband Andrew and they now have 2 sons together, Samuel and Joshua. Tenika currently works a full time Senior Management position in the financial industry. Tenika also owns a Travel Business which helps others travel for less and helps others to become Travel Business owners. Tenika has written her thoughts down in poetry form her entire life and has decided to place those poems into book form.