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About the author

The short:

I'm a life-long reader, fantasy addict, cupcake hoarder and mom, which somehow hasn't ameliorated any of the previously mentioned questionable habits.

The long:

I started writing dark paranormal romance after getting addicted to a couple bully romances in a row and realizing I'd been in love with the trope since I met good old Logan Echolls (I'm a devout marshmallow as well). It took me a while to find the right recipe to explore all of my bad habits in one twisty plot, but I dedicated my waist line (please see above, re: cupcakes) and my extremely limited down time (please see above, re: mom) to it, and have created the Legends of the Ashwood Institute series. It has everything I love: hotness, sweetness, ANGST, a good bully, a bad girl (or twelve), witches, mysteries, small town drama, MAGIC, secret societies, loads of smexyness of the darkest kind and that hurt/comfort dynamic that makes me waaay too invested in fictional characters.

So here we are. Please enjoy my decadent hobby with me.