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About the author

A native to California, Misty aka Molly McLaughlin was raised in a traditional household throughout the 80s and 90s. She went on to marry and have children of her own. Writing was always a passion in her life and so she turned her passion into a career; offering romantic novels that are wholesome enough for young audiences while still addressing the complexity of relationships and real-life events.

Molly first started reading historical romances early on into high school. Her love for the genre grew rapidly, branching into sci-fi and paranormal; but as a mother, she wanted to offer appropriate books for the newcomers to the genre, as well as books that readers could enjoy without the added heat of physical intimacy.

She hopes that with her Every Little Holiday series she will be providing books that readers can share with their teen daughters, forming a bond through the love of reading. As a mother herself, she knows how important it is to find activities parents and kids can share together, especially through the rougher teenage years.