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About the author

I've lived so many places around the world, I now wish I could travel to space. I write science fiction novels.

I write about the Joint Confederacy, the JC, as the rest of the galaxy knows humanity in the future 2635. A civilization that has turned its back on technology in what is known as The Great Leap Backwards (2135): no social media, no mobile phones, computers are monitored, sanctioned and communal. Humans believe that they almost destroyed themselves and their planet and put the sole blame on their greed for technology.

In the 27th century, humans survive by trading various forms of art for universal credits, but they will never be big players in the galaxy as long as they continue to shun the creation of human technology. However, there is a small faction who called themselves Terra Nova, who believe that humans can create and use technology again without the risk of destroying humanity.

In my first book, The Mars One Incident, Terra Nova is making their move and now Captain Johnson has only minutes to make hers. Will she chose to save herself or defend the way of life she has been raised to believe is the right one for humanity?

On Earth, I have lived around the world for over twenty years and have degrees in anthropology, East Asian studies, East Asian art and applied linguistics. My favorite cities where I wish I could be all at once all the time are; London, Berlin, Stockholm, New Orleans, Shanghai and Los Angeles.