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About the author

Jenn Maxwell's love of reading began at 10 when she would steal her mom's historical romances off the end table, read them throughout the night, then place them back on the table before morning.

Her first attempt at writing followed soon after on her grandfather's manual typewriter. The short story was long on carriage rides and short on, well, anything else.

Jenn toiled away in an office environment for far too long. These days, she makes a living writing, sometimes travel articles, most of the time copywriting, and when she's really, really lucky, she carves out time to write her own fiction.

A Southerner, Jenn has lived in many places including her native North Carolina, Nashville, New Orleans, and even an ill-advised detour to Southern California before settling recently in Texas. She loves writing about places she's visited or lived, whether it's for a local travel website or as the setting for a short story or novel. Her first novel, Suddenly Witchy, is set in New Orleans--her favorite city--and kicks off a series about the magical side of the Crescent City.

In her spare time, Jenn tries in vain to get her cat Winston to wear a costume. Four years in and it's still not going well. What Winston lacks in obedience, he more than makes up for as Jenn's muse.

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