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About the author

D.W. Curtis is a grouchy, scruffy, middle-aged Dad who partakes in imaginative swearing while fixing stuff. He lives in London, England and is married to a pint-sized creative Cockney, which has been highly beneficial to the expansion of his expletive armory and overall wellbeing. He has two non-matching daughters, two and a half psychotic cats, a brace of lunatic hounds and a rather excellent parrot called 'Bird'. They all provide him with daily doses of love, stress, and unexpected loud noises in varying quantities. (Except for Laika the cat, as she can't meow.)

His first book, "How To Get To Sleep Fast ...Even After A Double Espresso Or When Under Heavy Machine Gun Fire" reached #1 in Amazon's 45-Minute Health, Fitness & Dieting Short Reads Best Sellers.