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About the author

Hi everybody,

A little but about myself, I’m a 37 yo personal trainer from Australia and father of 3 boys, I have been a personal trainer for around 10 yrs with a small break in between where I suffered a bout of anxiety and depression. During that time I lost my way with my fitness and put on a lot of weight.

As a result I was able to see what it was like for many of my clients who started their journey with me when they were out of shape. Eventually I found my way out of a dark tunnel and began the journey back to good health.

I have since then got back into my personal training and decided to try my luck in the self publishing field so I can help people who I wouldn’t be able to train with me in person achieve a healthy body that they can be proud of.

As I am new to this, I don’t have a following so I am looking for reviewers who have an interest in health and fitness or people who find themselves wanting to improve their body and the outside as well as the inside to read an advanced copy of my books and put an honest review on amazon as well as tell me personally what they liked and also what they think I can improve in my writing technique so I can get better and provide a higher quality book for my clients.

I have a private Facebook group which you will get full access to as well if you are looking to get into shape so hopefully that’s an added bonus for you in choosing to review my book.

Looking forward to hearing from you