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About the author

I've been writing stories since I could hold a crayon. I had my first play performed when I was 11 which was a comedy about my year 5 teacher in primary school. Whilst studying drama in 6th form I had 2 short plays performed at Newcastle's Live Theatre as part of their Short Cuts writing event. I then went on to study scriptwriting at Northumbria University where I experienced writing for various genres and mediums and discovered that writing was less of a hobby for me an more of a compulsion. Since graduating I have had plays produced independently in my capacity as Head of Writing for Oblivous Productions and a play performed as part of Manchester's 24/7 Festival.

When I'm not writing I'm usually thinking about what I'm going to write next; that or playing video games. I have a fascination with the universe and humanity's place in it which comes from my longstanding love of science fiction. I also spend any free time I have sitting in pubs, cafes or on public transport, listening to how people talk and trying to emulate that natural conversation in my writing. I'm referred to as an IMDbag by my friends due to my extensive film knowledge and have yet to be beaten in a game of 7 Steps to Kevin Bacon.