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About the author

Childhood, Art Studies and Politics
I spent my childhood and school-days in Zimbabwe.
I studied at Michaelis School of Art, Cape Town.
I learnt politics in Natal, South Africa.
Motherhood, Marriage, and Feminism
In the '60s, I escaped South Africa with my first child to seek asylum in liberating London.
In the '70s, I became a mother to three more children, a wife and a feminist in England.
Mid-'70s to early '90s, I was a teacher and art gallery director in politically challenging Zambia.
In the late '90s, after a difficult marriage and painful divorce, I returned to study in East Anglia.
In 1999, I obtained an MA in Women’s Studies (Anglia Polytechnic/Ruskin).
Travel, Partnership and Creativity
In 2002 I met my partner John with whom I travelled widely.
In 2008, John and I took the year to explore 27 European countries in a motor home.
In 2009, we settled in South-West France, turning a small cottage and paddock into a home with a fruitful garden.
In 2017, we celebrated our marriage with friends in our lovely village community.
In 2019, we became French citizens.
In France, I've exhibited much art and published three novels, a memoir, a poetry collection and a short story collection.
I continue to tell stories in art and in writing and have several more books in the pipeline.