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About the author

A Biography is kind of a difficult thing to write when you don't have a memory with any kind of chronological order. So, instead I'll just tell you a bit about me.

My name is Nina. That's a statement within itself, since I've "changed" my name at least once a year since I was ten. I stopped doing that around sixteen, mostly because I got bored. I was kind of a wild child, within the quiet comfort of my imagination. I chased Dragons and seduced Demons, all the while saving the world with hunky co-stars.

I was always knee deep in books and paper. My family always backed me, which is very important. I had a strong support system while growing up and I was lucky enough to have sisters who consume books at the same insane rate as I do.

I was a military brat and I have seen a lot of this fantastic country (and a few besides). I'm allergic to cats (though I have two). And wheat. And soy. Actually, I'm allergic to a lot of things: corn, fish (shell, white, and red), peanuts, sesame, walnuts, and shrimp. Shrimp is technically a fish, which was already covered, but I like it so I'll put it down twice.

Yeah. That's enough about me. Tell me about you!