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About the author

Cheryl Powell, writing under pen name, Cheryl Bannerman, is a multi-genre author of five self-published books, and an owner of a 23-year-old Training and Development company, specializing in eLearning, called Learn2Engage.
In her personal life and relationships, Ms. Powell has learned how to turn tragedies into triumphs through her strong will, faith, tenacity and most importantly, her quirky sense of humor.

Within the author’s first three works of fiction, Black Child to Black Woman, Words Never Spoken, and A Killer's Reflection, a topic of social concern is addressed, such as alcohol and drug addictions, domestic abuse and violence, suicide, and molestation.

Her goal in life is to keep writing and continue helping victims of Domestic Abuse/Violence, Grief and ANON family groups, and Corporate Health and Wellness groups, to heal through words — encouraging them to ‘write the pain’ via journaling, and expressing themselves through short stories, songs, and poetry.