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About the author

Oliver Ryan is the nom-de-plume used by the writer David Trevenna. It is derived from the names of two of his grandsons.
David was born in England, but spent his formative years in Southern Africa, and it was here that he caught the Africa fever that still burns in his blood - even though he left almost forty years ago he still gets homesick sometimes.
Politics aside, David has always considered himself to be immensely privileged to have lived in that part of the world during the fifties, sixties and seventies, and to have experienced one of the most momentous periods of the region’s history.
It was when he was about fourteen years old that David’s passion for reading was truly aroused: He sneaked a look at a book that his father was reading – House of Dolls by Ka-tzetnik 135633 - The harrowing story of a young Jewish girl forced into sexual slavery in the Nazi Joy Brigade. The authors nom de plume referring to her tattooed concentration camp number.
The content made for very difficult reading, especially for a fourteen-year-old boy, but it awakened an understanding of the incredibly evocative power of words and inspired a desire to write.
David is the father of three grown-up children and has seven grandchildren. His family are a constant reminder of what is really important, and he likes the idea of involving them (as cameo characters) in his writing projects.