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About the author

I never meant to be a writer. It's something that happened to me when I wasn't looking. Our family lived in Mexico developing a horse ranch for kids with difficult backgrounds. I was shoveling a corral one day, when Billy's story got a hold of my heart. I hid myself away whenever I could for months and wrote furiously. Four hundred and fifty pages later, I had his story.

I realized afterward, for I didn't see it at first, that Billy's journey gave me the key to process and heal from things I saw around me but couldn't change. Things that broke my heart.

I needed a different ending--a redemption.

BILLY became SOMETHING I AM NOT and went on to win the Genesis Award for Contemporary Fiction. A great honor for a debut novel. I got a publishing contract and away we went.

I thought that was it. One story in me, and I would be done. But one turned into several, and I am hooked. As of today, I am almost finished with my next novel, REGENT, and have Billy's sequel brewing in my mind and a romance waiting to be birthed.