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About the author

I had an amazing teacher in fourth grade. (I actually had many amazing teachers, so to all you educators out there: A HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR ENDLESS ENTHUSIASM!!) Not only was she patient and kind, but she used to take us all on walks to observe nature. It was then, during her lessons, that I learned about poetry.

I spent the next eight years writing poetry. It felt like nothing else mattered. I wrote about plants and I wrote about the seasons. I captured the scent of rain and the feel of warmth from the sun. I am so glad I took the time to hone my skills while I was young. It helped me understand life in a way I believe some people never seem to notice.

I’ve been very blessed to have a wonderful family. I married my prince charming and we’ve had beautiful little princes and princesses together! And even though I wrote in between bottles and homework, part-time jobs and other random busy things… I wasn’t able to pursue a career in writing until now. I’ve chosen to become an independent author and to share my stories with the world. Life is still hectic and wild, but I love it all the same!

My stories are heavily influenced by the myths and fairy tales I’ve long adored. And of course, by nature