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About the author

Tomomi Tsuchio was born and raised in Iwakuni, Japan. As a little girl, she was happy, tomboyish and always followed after her big brother. When she was 13 years old, she began having feelings of being fat and unattractive. These feelings stuck with her for a long time.
As a certified personal trainer, Tomomi realized that many women have struggled to find and accept their own beauty just as she did. She often felt helpless when her clients lost weight and transformed themselves, but still didn’t see their beauty. It seemed that it was not good enough for them no matter what. This is the reason why she felt a need to share her stories.
She is an owner of 1Stop-Fitness, a gym she opened with her partner in 2013. She is also a professional speaker. Obviously, she is Japanese, but she isn’t good at math and she doesn’t like sake, sushi and raw fish. Her joke is, “I break the stereotype of Japanese.” She lives in Phoenix, AZ with her life partner, Larry and a smart dog, Roscoe.