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About the author

Belgian/Flemish full time author of 38 books. Laerhoven writes cross-over between literature and the suspense novel. He was a full time travel writer between 1990-2003, visiting mostly conflict zones, and published new journalism pieces in newspapers and weeklies in Holland and Belgium about his travels. During the Bosnian war, Van Laerhoven spent part of 1992 in the besieged city of Sarajevo. Three years later he was working for MSF - Doctors without frontiers - in the Bosnian city of Tuzla during the NATO bombings. At that moment the refugees arrived from the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica. Van Laerhoven was the first writer from the Low Countries to be given the chance to speak to the refugees. His conversations resulted in a travel book: Srebrenica. Getuigen van massamoord – Srebrenica. Testimony to a Mass Murder. The book denounces the rape and torture of the Muslim population of this Bosnian-Serbian enclave and is based on first-hand testimonies. He also concluded that mass murders took place, an idea that was questioned at the time but later proven accurate. In 2007, he won the Hercule Poirot Prize for “De wraak van Baudelaire.” The novel has been published in France, Canada, the USA, and Russia ( La Vengeance de Baudelaire – Baudelaire’s Revenge - Месть Бодлера). An Italian translation – La Vendetta di Baudelaire - is in the making. Baudelaire’s Revenge won the USA Best Book Award 2014 in the category mystery/suspense. Laerhoven’s short story collection Dangerous Obwsessions (The Anaphora Literary Press) was voted “best short story collection of 2015” in the San Diego Book Review. Published short stories in Brussels Noir(Akashic Books), Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Conclave, a journal of Character, the British literary magazine for contemporary writing Wasafiri, and an essay about Mystery Fiction in the non-fiction anthology Stories of Inspiration.