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About the author

Gary Pullman (his mother named him after Gary Cooper) grew up when Western TV series were shown on every network—all three of them!—and tons of Western movies were released every year. A new Louis L'Amour novel was published, it seemed, every few months. For several generations, the Western was America's myth, the equivalent of the knight in shining armor. Whether bounty hunter, cowboy, farmer, gambler, miner, rancher, sheriff, or wagon master, the Western hero lived by a code of honor. A man of valor, he was usually also a man who fought for justice.

Gary's father was a Western fan. He introduced Gary and his brothers to the genre, and they came to love the stories of these bigger-than-life figures as much as he did. In Gary's three-book series, An Adventure of the Old West, Bane Messenger is a bounty hunter in Good with a Gun; a sheriff in The Valley of the Shadow; and a rancher, businessman, and gunfighter in Blood Mountain, but, like all Western heroes, he is always a man of courage and integrity, out to right the wrongs of his day. Bane is introduced in the series's prequel, Bane Messenger Bounty Hunter, which is free with a free subscription to Gary's monthly Wild West Newsletter. Visit his writer's site to sign up:

He hopes you enjoy reading Bane's adventures as much as he did writing them. Like all writers, he appreciates readers' reviews. Thank you for yours!