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About the author

A.M. Bristow is Cuban-born writer raised in the United States who writes contemporary fiction when she’s not traveling and writing about that. In fiction, she explores the overreaching philosophical theme that hell is other people. She currently lives in the Czech Republic, where she gives life to her cynical thoughts.

Bristow was formally trained and shaped by the world of academia, before abandoning her scholarly pursuits in psychology and education in order to dedicate herself to writing on a nearly full-time basis. You can find her insights and tips about travel on her blog: GnomeTrotting.

Books by the author include: Elskerinde: Confessions of the Other Woman, Crimson Sheets, and A Trilogy of Disappointment (and a dash of hope), and Savage, which are available at your favorite eBook retailer. You can connect directly with A.M. Bristow on Twitter.